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Costume Hadès

Costume Hadès

Costume Hadès


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The dandy devil vest is a two buttoned modern blazer with large lapels, a straight silhouette, double vented back and no shoulder pads or lining for a more lighter feel. It has one inside breast pocket and two outside pockets. Made with a strong breathable workwear 65%cotton 35%polyester fabric that is washable at any temperature and ages like a vintage jean.

The cholo chino trouser from Hadès comes with a rather high waist, double pleated in the front, a back pocket and large deep pockets on the sides. An overall relaxed fit with a slight taper for a more contemporary use that goes perfectly with sneakers or beautiful Italian leather shoes. It’s double stitched everywhere to guarantee a solid trouser that’s built to last. Washable at any temperature in the washing machine and made with a solid workwear 65%cotton 35%polyester fabric. It will age well and loosen up like an old jean with time.


La veste dandy devil est un blazer modernedans un style italien avec des revers assez larges. Coupe droite, deux boutons, deux ouvertures au dos, poches plaquées, épaules napolitaines, poche intérieure, sans doublure pour plus de confort. 

Le pantalon chino cholo, d’origine militaire, est avant tout un vêtement fonctionnel, durable et solide. Coupe légèrement fuselée (plus étroit en bas ), pinces sur le devant, poche passepoilée au dos.

Ces deux pièces sont confectionnées dans un coton twill croisé 320g ( 65% coton et 35% polyester), qui les rendent quasi indestructibles, tout en étant agréables au toucher et confortables à porter.


Costume Hadès
  • Resistant

    You can put all Hades clothes in the washing machine at any temperature
  • Durable

    With this 300g 65% cotton 35% polyester workwear fabric - you can go a long way
  • Elegant

    Made with love by experienced pattern makers from Chambre de la couture in Paris
  • Comfort

    All our textiles are made with breathable fabrics that are strong and resiliant.