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Resistant and elegant. Simple in style & universal. A new clothing brand made entirely with strong workwear fabrics. Hades offers an original alternative when buying clothes for everyday life. 

HADES is a new Parisian brand created by Johann Meunier, it makes stylish clothing that is both strong and durable. It starts from the observation that at present times, in search for a more reasonable consumption, we need resistant clothing of quality, that can age well.

Hades wants to give consumers the assurance that its clothes last longer, giving them a choice to slow down on the constant necessity to renew the wardrobe after a few turns in the washing machine. The fact that you can wash all Hades clothes at any temperature is constitutive of the brand’s vison, offering a more suitable solutions to urban everyday life.

Hades is the result of a collaboration between Johann Meunier, his team of pattern makers who have graduated from the renowned Chambre syndicale de la haute couture and the specialized French industries of security and safety workwear.

Hades benefits from advanced research carried out in the past 50 years for the safety and workwear industry that has developed impressive new technologies in creating fabrics to ensure comfort in extreme conditions and durability.

Hades produces elegant and classic clothes; also modern and simple, adapted to most situations in urban life. The clothes are based on a multi-influenced style derived from Neapolitan bespoke suits, Los Angeles gangs, the Yakuza and a sportswear wardrobe.

The Hades team has risen to an on going challenge: designing a stylish garment with an industrial textile. Hades reconciles strength and durability with style and elegance.

Welcome to the underworld of Hadès officialis. 

Press coverage
"Stop buying shit like a blind monkey !"
Everlasting Elegance
Interview by journalist Pihla Hintikka january 2017
Collaboration with New York designer Gaby Basora and her brand TUCKER
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KIckstarter campaign - July 27, 2015
Our CAD systems solution provider. Super professional end efficient. They are the bridge between artisan and industry.
All our clothes are made with french workwear factory and specialist DMD from Lyon in south of France. We are proud to have them our partners and solution makers.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"The Future is HADES."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Great brand! Clothes that last, are stylish and were made in responsible ways. Fashion for a new generation "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Une fois n'est pas coutume, un peu de pub sans vergogne sur cette page, pour mon ami Johann qui lance après des mois de préparation sa marque de vêtements, HADES : https://www.hades-paris.fr/ L'idée est simple et brillante, créer des vêtements pour homme (pour le moment) avec une coupe "sartoriale" (tailleur) ... mais dans des tissus "techniques", d'habitude dédiés à la fabrication des combinaisons de protection pour l'industrie. Des tissus issus du savoir-faire 100% français de Saint-Étienne. Bref c'est beau, #frenchtech, durable, voire quasi-indestructible, et testé & approuvé par votre serviteur."
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